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  • Choosing Senior Living in Danvers, MA

    May 22

    Whether in Danvers, MA, or other towns, most people decide on a Senior Living Community for their elder loved one based on three well-known factors:

      Community “feel”

    The first two, price and location, are pretty straightforward.  If you search the Internet for information on the communities, you’ll find plenty of nice pictures of beautifully landscaped, attractive buildings with a glowing description.   That paragraph or two, though, can’t really communicate the “feel.”

    Often how the community feels to the family during a tour is the make-or-break factor in the final decision.   There’s no second chance to make a first impression, and a caring family will notice whether the staff seems naturally upbeat, whether the residents, the people likely to be their mother’s or father’s new friends, seem happy or depressed.

    So if these are universal, why the focus on Danvers, MA?

    A Senior Living Community in Danvers has Connected Living

    One senior living community in Danvers has implemented a new program that has had a large impact on the Quality of Life of their residents, and has invigorated their community: Connected Living from the young company MyWay Village.

    Arising from the experience of its founders when caring for elderly relatives, Connected Living is a service offering that engages the senior residents of a community and helps them stay connected to their families.

    Connected Living “ambassadors” lead group discussions on topics relevant and interesting to the residents.  These discussions are based on what the folks at MyWay Village call their proprietary “curriculum.”  They have developed presentations based on historical events and trends that occurred throughout the lifetimes of the residents, and have the residents “complete the stories” with their own life experience during that time.

    Very natural and lively discussions arise, and the ambassadors incorporate new information relevant to the discussions in real time through Internet searches… even if it means finding a recording of an old song on YouTube.   While providing background to the discussion, this also introduces many of the elderly residents to technology and the Internet in a very non-threatening way.  Many interesting life stories have been revealed, and new friendships formed as a result of residents getting to know each other better through these guided discussions.

    Another important element of Connected Living is the secure electronic messaging system available to all residents of a community.  It differs from normal email in that any external party must be invited through the Connected Living system.  As a result, and often with Ambassador assistance, residents can get photos of their children and grandchildren as well as family update messages.  So far, when a community has signed on with MyWay for Connected Living, My Way has installed two or more computers in community “computer labs.”

    One harsh reality of aging includes the loss of peer groups…  And decreased mobility leads to further isolation before finally moving in to an independent or assisted living community.  When residents of a community get to know each other they rebuild their social connection, which has many benefits that are being proven through studies published nearly every month.   With Connected Living “classes,” seniors meet many of their fellow residents quickly, and this helps ease the often difficult transition into community living.

    So, if you are evaluating a senior living community for your elderly family member or loved one, ask if they have Connected Living.

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